Sunday, October 09, 2022

More Great Stuff

Remember Friendly, Jerome and Rusty?
Here is an hilarious thread:
Here are some other memories of an earlier time: Hey, Happy Thanksgiving this weekend, everyone: CBC is getting roasted for a ridiculous tweet about a $200+ Thanksgiving dinner for four. Moving on, I am enjoying the "pitchbot" tweets -- these are satirical parody media accounts that skewer  the typical story-pitches of news organizations.  The first, still best, is the New York Times Pitchbot, by Doug J of Balloon Juice fame, who unerringly comes up with the typical NYT "take" on any story - featuring meaningless contrarianism, plus dumb interviews with Ohio Trump supporters in diners. Here are some of the other pitchbots: I think perhaps COVID isn't over quite yet: This is a really neat thread: It includes this: Some random funny ha-ha stuff: Animal crackers: Can you see it?

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