Monday, October 24, 2022

Today's News: Ukraine update

I will be travelling over the next few days so I may not be able to put up more posts this week
Tonight, I am trying to figure out the latest from Ukraine. 
They likely will have a few more weeks of decent weather until winter strikes, so I hope they can liberate Kherson and more of the Donbas soon. Meantime, Russia continues to try to frighten the world into withdrawing support from Ukraine. 
I hope it won't work. Here is some discussion about Russia's overall goals: Right now, Russia is trying to scare the world with talk about "dirty bombs" -- first, it needs to be understood that there actually is no such thing, not really -- it is a "speculative" weapon, in the words of Wikipedia. It might be possible to build a bomb that combines conventional and nuclear explosives, but it isn't clear whether anyone has actually done so. 
But whenever the media mentions "dirty bomb" it sends people into a panic (it reminds me of the police fentanyl panic myth) and this is what Russia is counting on. The US, Britain and France aren't having it: Russia is also looking for useful idiots like Elon Musk to promote Russian goals.
In other Ukraine news: Finally tonight, some funnier stuff:

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