Wednesday, October 05, 2022

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Just a random selection of stuff tonight.
First, I just cannot understand why anyone in Florida would still vote Republican. 
Here is what the Hurricane Ian storm surge looked like, and the governor and country officials didn't tell people to evacuate until it was way way too late. 
It was impossible to survive something like this: I appreciate what James Carville is saying here. Florida needs to rebuild and DeSantis just isn't capable of leading such an effort: Turning now to Canada:
Huh? WTF? Chris Selley responds: 
 Imagine life on earth somehow ends today and aliens discover this in a thousand years.
Yeah, Stonehenge it ain't.
Here's a good cartoon:
On the funny side of the news today, there was a solemn and earnest Market Watch article about a guy who thinks he needs financial advice to because he is struggling to make ends meet on a mere $350,000 a year -- those danged car loans you know ... 
Twitter rocked with laughter: And I was today years old when I found out about the Dril Candle Tweet: For those of us without a health sciences background, I thought these were interesting threads: On a lighter note, this is brilliant too: Enjoy these performances:

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