Monday, October 17, 2022

FreeDumb Convoy Greatest Hits

Now that the Public Order Emergency Commission hearings are getting underway, Canada is being reminded of just how awful the convoy crisis was, not only in Ottawa but also across the rest of the country. 
It was exciting at first, of course -- hundreds of people exorcised their January blahs by lining the highways waving flags and cheering as they watched the big trucks thundering past. There was lots of "freedom!" shouting, and a warm sense of solidarity and joining together for a common cause and other fun stuff.
So the convoy seemed to think a majority of Canadians actually supported them. 
But their Ottawa occupation and border blockades soon deteriorated into a noisy, chaotic, messy, dirty, disrespectful, horn-honking debacle. 
They didn't have the sense or the leadership to just declare victory and leave. We are now seeing a determined effort by Conservatives to minimize and trivialize what actually happened during the convoy crisis. I hope they don't get away with it: So tonight I was checking tweets and also scrolling back through my posts in early February. Hey, remember what actually was happening? And remember the brave people who fought back? Never forget the Battle of Billings Bridge: And in Vancouver:
And in Edmonton: As the weeks passed, the protests were spreading -- the Convoy attempted to set up protests in Toronto, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Regina, though the provincial governments in these cities made sure that local police shut things down quickly, after seeing what was happening in Ottawa. Also there were attempts to restart the border blockages: All in all, it began to look like an attempted coup: It was the Emergencies Act that turned the tide, not just in Ottawa but in the rest of the country: There were children in those trucks, and concern they were being used as human shields against police action. All in all, it was a scary time. We need to remember what really happened: This Coyne tweet from February sums it all up and is still absolutely correct And this segues neatly into a Covid updates: We have now had our Moderna bivalent shot. 
The news about additional variants keeps getting worse and worse -- I think we might as well accept it, that everyone will now need to get a Covid booster two or three times a year for the foreseeable future, just the same way as we get annual flu shots. Things that make you say, hmmmm..... Moving to Ukraine, the war continues to go well for the Ukrainians -- people will be writing books about how Ukraine won this war.

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