Friday, October 21, 2022

Today's News: Buh-bye

Today we said "buh-bye" to Liz Truss. 
The tweets were priceless: If Larry Kudlow thinks Truss is OK, no wonder she crashed and burned. 
Hey, did you know that Republicans also now want to delay paying Social Security until age 75, and stop paying it at age 90? What, do they think 90-year-olds should support themselves by getting a part-time job at MacDonalds? 
Here's a strange one (Medvedev is a Putin wanna-be, and Musk is...Musk) The only good thing about Boris Johnson maybe coming back as British PM is that he is fully supportive of Ukraine. 
Because it scares me what might happen in the US if the Democrats don't maintain control in the House and the Senate: Turning to Canada, the longer the POEC goes on, the more questions are being asked about police incompetence: A fascinating 60-tweet thread from Kurt Phillips (ARC Collective) gathering together all of his Karen Convoy coverage from January to now. 
Here is how he introduces this mighty thread: Here is his conclusion: Oh, and also tomorrow you will hear a lot about the phone call transcript just posted on the Mass Casualty Commission website, of RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki’s teleconference with Nova Scotia RCMP on April 28, 2020. 
Already I'm seeing tweets about "Trudeau must resign!" and "Lucki must resign!" but there is nothing outrageous in this transcript, just weary frustration on Lucki's part -- four days after the Portapique mass shooting, including the death of an RCMP officer, and not only was Lucki unable to find out what guns the killer had used, the Nova Scotia RCMP couldn't even provide their boss with a timeline and a map of how the killings had happened.
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