Sunday, October 23, 2022

More great stuff

What a week -- we really need some great stuff right now, don't we, and I've got some. 
But first, let's consider the nominees for this week's "Christ, what an asshole!" 

Is it Doug Ford?  First he posted a three-amigos tweet that included his fire pit, then twitter exploded because said firepit is not legal in Toronto, so then he just deleted the tweet - Christ, what an asshole! Or Danielle Smith? The National Post is calling her Canada's first "alternatively-informed" premier.  Smith now seems to think she can override public health orders, abandon Kenney's federal commitments, and basically do whatever she wants - Premier Loon indeed. 
Or maybe our very own Scott Moe? He heard that Singh was coming to Saskatchewan for the NDP convention and instead of welcoming him as a fellow politician, Moe decided he had to try to insult him instead -- Christ, what an asshole! I can't decide ,... so, I guess it must be ALL THREE! 
But wait, there's more -- I'm wondering if any of the Brain Trust advising Moe has considered whether they are scaring people away from Saskatchewan? The Globe and Mail is not impressed: The Globe and Mail writes:
...Last week, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe presented what he claimed was a serious analysis of how federal climate rules will hurt his province. But it was in fact the opposite, a threadbare and mathematically halfwitted sketch that was brutally panned. The episode was much like, earlier this year, the widely lambasted “sovereignty act” put forth by the new and embattled premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith.
In both cases, the Prairie premiers made a basic mistake: They conflated what are ordinary provincial-federal policy debates and disagreements with accusations of Ottawa’s undue constitutional overreach. It is akin to shouting “fire” when nothing is ablaze....
Standing up for a province is one thing; doing so with misleading and disingenuous proposals is another.
If Saskatchewan wants more control over immigration or policing, that’s a reasonable idea. But it’s not reasonable to try to ignore federal climate policy. The constitutional questions are settled. And if Mr. Moe wants to make serious claims that are worthy of debate, he should start with a course in remedial math.
Of course, things are even crazier down south: Reminds me of one of the greatest 2020 cartoons ever: 

Across the pond, everything is also nuts:
Here is some good Sunday reading -- some very thoughtful pieces about Canadian issues of the last week: And isn't this just the truth! It ends "Participating in the world as it is does not disqualify you from trying to improve it."
And at last, here's the great stuff: Animal crackers:


Lorne said...

Canada's first 'alternatively informed' premier. I love such succinct, accurate phrasing, Cathy!

Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, for once I liked something the National Post wrote!