Sunday, September 05, 2021

Election Follies and Funnies #14:

New Liberal campaign ad: Here's some good news for today: I think O'Toole is going to find himself in trouble as voters start thinking more seriously about what he is saying and whose interests he is actually representing. Here he sounds really caring, but what he is actually doing is throwing Indigenous people under the bus by implying they are the anti-vaxxers who distrust the health care system: Here some takes on Canadian election issues: 
Housing - Climate change - Vaccinations - Abortion rights - Banning assault weapons -- Daycare -- Now here's an endorsement I didn't expect: And here's another bizarre story - the Conservative candidate for the Northwest Territories doesn't live there, has never been there, and isn't doing any campaigning there. And somehow, O'Toole thinks this is all Trudeau's fault? Finally today, this:

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