Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Today's News: Its high school all over again

Joe Biden said something nice about Australia and then Canada immediately gets the vapours? We really are still living in high school, aren't we: Proportional representation anyone? Well observed! Funny:


Anonymous said...

Having just browbeaten Australia into dumping their $50 billion contract for 12 submarines from France, to be replaced by 8 nuclear powered US ones, old Joe Biden had to put a salve on US/Australian relations for the general public there.

There is one big fuss down under about those subs right now. The change of sub supplier also comes after Australians were warned by the US that any cosying up to China, where the vast majority of Australian exports go, effectively choosing them over the US, would make Australia an enemy of the US. Those words were indeed used. Thus, the headlines down under revolve around Australia being blackmailed to buy US weaponry to "protect" itself from the US.

It pays to read a bit more widely than your average Canadian progressive pontificator does, which is to say, we are a bunch of navel-gazers, not much interested in anything beyond our borders or those of the USA. Uninformed and content to be that way.


Anonymous said...

That proportional representation chart is just BS. Countries that use PR, including Germany and New Zealand, have a minimum vote cutoff of 5% to prevent fringe parties from hijacking parliament. Since the PPC didn't win any seats and didn't reach 5% support, it would get no seats under PR. You'll also note that PR greatly reduces the influence of a regional party, like the Bloc.

The real reason the Libs hate PR is that it will almost always see them sharing power with the NDP. They hate that more than anything, which is why JT called an election when a majority seemed in reach.


Cathie from Canada said...

That's interesting about proportional representation, I hadn't realized how it worked. Thanks for the info.