Friday, September 17, 2021

Election Follies and Funnies #26: Did Kenney and O'Toole make a deal?

Tonight's question is whether O'Toole and Kenney had a deal that Kenney would delay imposing yesterday's Covid health measures until after the Monday vote. 
In other words, did Conservative electioneering cost Albertans their lives? I don't know whether we will ever know for sure, but certainly O'Toole wasn't able to answer reporters' questions today. But of course, Singh still thinks his job is to figure out a way to blame Alberta on Trudeau: Here are some of today's poll results - and these won't even include the Alberta and Saskatchewan health announcements: The Covid situation here on the Prairies is getting more terrible by the day. 
Hundreds of new cases every day, hospitalizations rising, ICU beds filled -- we're now talking about "ethical triage" AKA denying someone an ICU bed or a ventilator if their chances of living aren't very good anyway. 
I looked up the terminology for abandoning the elderly on an ice floe and its called Senicide. If worst comes to worst, I would be OK with that. I'm starting to think about what is going to happen after Monday, if the Liberals cannot get enough seats to form a majority government. 
It seems clear now that the Liberals would win one or two dozen more seats than the CPC anyway, but the NDP and/or the Bloc could again hold the balance of power. 
This campaign has shown that Jagmeet Singh has both a vitriolic dislike of Trudeau and a naïve belief that he could work with O'Toole - to the point where I really wonder if Singh would try to get his NDP MPs to agree to tell the Governor-General that it is the Conservatives, not the Liberals, that would have enough support in the Commons to form the government.. 
And if that's what he tries to do, then it will really hit the fan - NDP leadership and voters across Canada would be absolutely furious and would not tolerate an attempt by Singh to make an alliance with a party that will not ever support any NDP priorities - which would, in fact, actively dismantle progressive initiatives.  But Singh is a stubborn man, and a brand-new Governor-General might feel she had no choice except to let the Conservatives try to form a government. And then we would be in for months of chaos.
Now, I have no idea whether such a thing might happen, but I'm beginning to be concerned.

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