Sunday, September 19, 2021

Election Follies and Funnies #28: Covid Critical Care Stage Fuck!

Here's today's good news about the election: But then again, there's this: So I think we can agree that the pollsters are all agreeing that it will be a Liberal Minority government. But the Majority question is going to go right down to the wire -- depends what happens in the Maritimes. And in Quebec. And in Ontario. And on the Prairies. And in BC. Here's perhaps the final word on media endorsements: And now for the really important stuff, the terrifying Covid news here in Saskatchewan.
Our hospital system has reached what they call Critical Care Stage 2, but what I call Critical Care Stage Fuck! 
Here's a thread from Canadian Press reporter Mickey Djuric, talking to Sask Health Authority chief medical officer Dr. Susan Shaw (see the article, too): Abandoning the old on the ice floe to save the rest of the tribe is called Senicide, and it looks like we have reached that point with Covid now. 
As I have already told my family, if it comes to Critical Care Stage Fuck! then just let me go. 
I'm 72 and I have had a great life, with people I love.  So I would be willing to give up my ICU bed to a child, or to a parent of young children. 
I'm calling this Senicide Choice and I just hope its never going to be a choice that anyone has to make.

And on that happy note, see you tomorrow for my last Election Follies post. Here's a palate cleanser for ya:

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