Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Election Follies and Funnies #16: some fun now

Ain't we havin' some fun now?

 Actually, of course, the increasing violence we are seeing now from the anti-vaxxers and the PPC supporters is not funny at all. 
Two weeks to go.
And I think maybe its becoming clearer why it is important that we hold this election now - Trudeau is right; Canadians need to make a choice about which direction they really want to take, either Forward with the Liberals, or backward with the CPC. 
Today saw more violence from the anti-vaxxers and their allies: Even when anti-vaxxers were screaming, Trudeau kept his cool: Another day of coverage on O'Toole's assault rifle flip flop, too: And here's a couple of tweets in honor of Labour Day: Today's wierdest: And this will make you feel good!


Anonymous said...

"The line was crossed a week ago. It’s time for the RCMP to step in, for arrests to be made, and for the media to name names. Enough of reports that tell us nothing except that these egregious acts are continuing and escalating."

This. The media and police know, or ought to know, who these protestors are. It's the same troublemakers every time. Time to arrest, name and shame them and the party they are trying to elect.

Like this: "Alleged members of Conservative front groups Canada Proud, Ontario Proud and Post Millennial threw stones at the PM today. The following people have been arrested and are being held pending a bail hearing..."


Cathie from Canada said...

I would think there will be a break now for the debates, and maybe that will cool things down a bit.