Monday, September 20, 2021

Election Follies and Funnies #29: decision day

Well, that's the ball game: I am still hoping that Trudeau might be able to pull out a few more seat flips and end up with a majority -- but as usual, it will all come down to who can get their vote out. 
Here's a last minute reminder of what's at stake: In a nutshell, this cartoon summarizes why O'Toole won't be elected Prime Minister - when the going gets tough, he can't figure out how to be a leader:
Jasmeet Singh may gain some seats tomorrow, but his relentless and bitter negativity toward Trudeau combined a poorly articulated NDP platform have really put me off. Singh followed up his airport skateboarding yesterday with a bizarre TicTok shower video today, and Twitter wasn't impressed: I definitely agree with this - I hope the Justice Minister will investigate because people died! Alberta Conservatives are upset with Kenney and signing letters asking for leadership reviews. And I suspect this is what will happen now with O'Toole: I thought this was sort of funny:


Anonymous said...

And another new photo of Trudeau in blackface appears on the eve of the election. Look for Trudeau's bought-and-paid-for (by taxpayers) Fake News to either ignore this, or confront the Big Meanies who released this to the public.

Let's throw this racist out on Sept 20!

EEE (Extremely Extreme Extremist)

Cathie from Canada said...

Yeah, I think its a fake - it doesn't look credible to me.

Anonymous said...

Timing's all wrong too. Almost 6 million Canadians already voted.