Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Election Follies and Funnies #30: it's over (almost)

Well, its all over except the shouting. 
As Gerry Butts pointed out on CBC, there may well be a few changes yet as the mail-in ballots and recounts get finished -- there seem to be at least a dozen seats where tonight's result may change. 
Overall, I'm very glad that Trudeau will remain our Prime Minister - I hope his Liberal government will last until 2025. Twitter has been commenting on the concession speeches. Paul went first, but CBC actually cut away from her during her speech = she wasn't saying anything particularly interesting, and considering how poorly she did even in her own seat, she's not going to be around Canadian politics very long anyway. Then I think O'Toole was next: Blanchet was after that, another odd one: Finally Singh spoke, and his speech was actually very good. He simply congratulated Trudeau on winning the election, and talked positively about the future. How refreshing! Lastly Trudeau spoke - somewhat chastened, I thought, but upbeat even though he didn't get the majority he had wanted. He thanked the people who voted for him, but more importantly he also vowed to work for the people who hadn't voted for him too. I sense a little grumpiness among the pundits: And what's next? One thing we can count on - there won't be another election for years, because the opposition parties cannot ask for a do-over again: Finally, I just loved this: I hope she frames it.


Anonymous said...

O'Toole showed no class in defeat. He's a second generation politician and a former officer, he should know better. Looks like Trump has made refusing to concede defeat the new conservative expectation. In the coming days will we see O'Toole start banging on about election fraud?


rumleyfips said...

Thanks for these pieces. I looked forward to one every morning.,

Cathie from Canada said...

Hi Cap - I don't think O'Toole will start in on the fraud line, but I can see Bernier trying this out, his faithful would lap it up.

Hi Rumley - I'm glad you enjoyed reading them, it was fun to put them together. There's so much good stuff on Twitter and elsewhere every day, and it slips by too quickly. I can't promise to continue a daily roundup but I do want to try to keep this up.