Thursday, September 09, 2021

Election Follies and Funnies #18: I am a Quebecois

Wednesday night was the French leaders debate: The vitriol is jarring - Singh, in particular, appears to have such a personal dislike for Trudeau, even though in terms of policy directions I think there should be much that Liberals and NDP would be able to agree on. I was surprised at the lack of attention paid to Indigenous issues, except for glancing comments about boil-water advisories and Indigenous languages. Though more than 100 boil-water advisories have been lifted under the Liberal government, there are still 32 communities with boil-water advisories in place, and COVID limited the amount of work that could be done in 2020 And this is from the post-debate media discussion: I think the Conservative consensus was that O'Toole didn't do as well as they wanted him to: The restaurant coupon idea that the CPC announced earlier today isn't going to create any voting momentum either: The elephant in the room, tonight and tomorrow, is the surging People's Party of Canada. Mainly I think, they are attracting anti-vaxxers from the CPC, but maybe some are also coming from the other parties as well. 
I thought this was an interesting observation too: And an update on today's polling news:
Today's funny:

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