Friday, September 10, 2021

Election Follies and Funnies #19: That was a debate???

Twitter is concluding that the Leaders Debate Thursday evening was possibly the worst moderated debate ever seen in the history of the nation. 
And that's really too bad -- Trudeau needed some momentum from a positive and upbeat debate performance and he's likely not going to get any. Then again, neither will O'Toole or Singh.  
The moderator, Shachi Kurl from Angus Reid, appeared to be under the impression that she was running for office too. She acted like Canadians had tuned in to watch her as she interrupted and stopped leaders from answering questions, while she preened.
The only leader who came out of this looking OK was Green leader Annamie Paul and who cares, because Paul isn't even going to win her own seat much less give help to any other Green candidates so in the end it doesn't matter what Canadians thought of her. 
Blanchet did OK too - and again, who cares, because it doesn't matter to him or to anyone else what Canadians outside Quebec think of him. Though of course it might affect Liberal performance in Quebec, if anyone there was watching,.
The only real question I had about Blanchette or Singh is how they would decide whether to endorse a minority Liberal or Conservative outcome.  Nobody bothered to ask.

And let the pollster wars begin: And this is the way the media summed up the debate:


Anonymous said...

Quebec accounts for a quarter of Canada's population. So how did we end up with two out of three debates in French and all of them broadcast from Quebec?!


Cathie from Canada said...

Yeah, it was awful. Next time the parties need to get that Quebec tv channel to just do both the French and English debates.