Sunday, September 12, 2021

Election Follies and Funnies #21: Trudeau rising 

Here's an odd one: And here they are again taking credit for the Liberal's work: I am getting the feeling that the Conservative campaign is just out of gas right now. They haven't managed to body-slam Trudeau and their bread and circuses promises aren't engaging people and we're seeing more and more cartoons like this one: And Postmedia can pound the "deficits" message all they want, but people aren't focused on it: Lots of tweets about Jody Wilson-Raybould's new book and her "feeling" that Trudeau asked her to lie. Sigh. I don't think The JWR show will convince anyone to dislike Trudeau now if they didn't already dislike him. And the more people remember what she was like as a Justice minister, the worse she will look in comparison to some of the truely outstanding women in Trudeau's cabinet now: And this has nothing to do with our election, but I wanted to share it anyway:

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WTF? What's with O'Toole's suit and Converse look (in Bill Curry's tweet)? Is he deliberately channeling Kamala Harris' "Chucks and pearls" look?!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:10 am  

He's trying so hard to be "with it" but what they don't seem to understand is things like Trudeau's Star Wars socks are reflective of his personality.
O'Toole hasn't found any way to express his own style, if he even has one.

By Blogger Cathie from Canada, at 1:49 am  

He should stick to what his supporters like - baggy navy suits, long red ties and shoes with lifts.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:26 am  

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