Saturday, September 11, 2021

Election Follies and Funnies #20: "But her emails"

Does anyone else see it this way too? Does anyone else remember our dysfunctional parliament this spring? Today's good news: More about the English debate: Canadian politics can turn on a dime sometimes. 
 When the English debate moderator -Vancouverite Shachi Kurl- called Quebecers discriminatory due to Bills 21 and 96, it was both inaccurate and uncalled-for. So today there was a huge reaction in Quebec, and also Legault said he wanted the CPC to win the election so they would give him unrestricted money for Quebec's daycare program and health care transfers. 
 In the end, the Liberals may come out ahead, if the Bloc and the CPC end up splitting their votes: And as the Advance Polls open, here is this good take:

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