Thursday, September 23, 2021

Today's news: frustration and sadness in our hospitals

COVID here in Saskatchewan is horrible, and I am deeply angry -- first, at the thousands of unvaccinated-by-choice who are to blame for this mess, and second, at the politicians who pandered to them. 
I wonder if provincial politicians like Jason Kenney in Alberta and Scott Moe in Sask now understand that people died because they took the cowardly way. 
Here's a chart showing Sask statistics for the last year:

Surgeries and other hospital treatment across Saskatchewan have now been cancelled and we have even stopped doing organ transplants.
Back to the election -- I think the final results in several of the seats that were too close to call on election night have been reported tonight, with the counting of mail-in ballots. But I haven't been able to find anything yet showing a summary of the final results -- the Liberals have picked up a couple of seats just tonight, I think, and the NDP seem to be up 2 in Alberta. I think the Liberals are totalling around 160 seats, but I'm not sure yet.
It was, by the way, a 62% turnout - not the highest since 2000, but not the lowest either. 
The recriminations are continuing as the losing parties try to explain their loss. 
I saw this Frank Graves tweet tonight: In other news, each year the US Fish and Wildlife Service has an art competition and last year the Trumpers decided that all of the bird artists had to include hunters and guns in their artwork. 
So they did: Another funny one: Ahhhh

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