Thursday, September 16, 2021

Election Follies and Funnies #25: Mulroney's turn

Chretien was at a Liberal event last night, so they got Mulroney at one tonight, and he started talking about O'Toole making "deep structural changes" in Canada - maybe so Conservatives will win elections more easily in the future? Oh but nothing to see here, folks, move along, move along: O'Toole is having a lot of trouble maintaining any kind of consistency in his policies - gun control, abortion, vaccinations, carbon pricing, pick anything and O'Toole will flip it around as he tries to appeal to everyone all the time. But things are catching up to him and he can't duck and weave forever The Beaverton gets it about right: And The Globe and Mail seems to be going full frontal fascist about those supposedly awful "non-European immigrants" who are giving the PPC the vapours: But O'Toole is trying his best to keep on pandering: So today, after cancelled surgeries and patients being airlifted out, Jason Kenney finally apologized to Alberta for getting Covid so wrong. Sounds like it took a caucus revolt before Kenney would act: Saskatchewan had another 450 cases today. Again. I expect sometime tomorrow or Friday Scott Moe will finally be dragged kicking and screaming into the same types of restrictions Alberta is implementing. We really should be trying to do a better job in managing Covid than Alabama. When thinking about the importance of maintaining gun control in Canada here's something to consider: And the Marijuana Party is still toking:


Gyor said...

I'll point out that Brian Mulroney had the BEST environmental record of any Canadian Prime Minister and he's Battle against Apartid, in concert with South African activists in Africa was one of the most successful acts of anti racism in my life time.

Don't get me wrong, Brian Mulroney's NAFTA was FAR from progressive, but at least he believed in what he was doing, he believed it was, and he fought hard for it.

And he tried to fix the constitution, he wanted to bring in First Nations and Quebec from the cold, and yes he failed, but at least he tried, while Trudeau Sr. undermined him at every turn, and he and his party payed a horrible price for that.

Meanwhile so called progressive Prime Minister Chretien made massive austerity cuts to Healthcare, Education,Social services, and stole billions from hard workers who payed into EI and gave it to Banksters, campaigned against NAFTA and then became it's greatest champion and expanded it. And when he balanced the budget at the expense of the working class and poor, he cut income taxes on the rich and multinational corporations, instead of reinvesting in social services. He signed climate change treaties and DID NOTHING to keep his promises in them, knowing full well he had no intention of doing so. Chretien had to be taken to court in order for gay folks to get the right to marry, disgraceful.

Before you dump on the NDP for being willing to make deals with the CPC, maybe you should actually look at the Liberals own horrific record, which us often WORSE then the CPC, and be honest with yourself. For the Liberal party being progressive is just so much hollow virtue signaling when the NDP isn't holding a metaphorical gun to its head, at least the CPC has the courage of its convictions, even when I disagree with them, I trust the CPCs word more then lying Liberals.

Anonymous said...

A Dipper whitewashing Lyin' Brian, Gyor?! I sure didn't have that on my bingo card. Live and learn, I guess. How many brown paper bags do you think it took to get him to back O'Toole? Or was he just getting the gang together for another round of "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"?

Chretien may have been "small town cheap," but even Harper recognized Mulroney for what he is and tried to scrape him off his shoes.


Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks for the comments - very interesting.
I had had the feeling that nobody remembers anything that happened in Canada before about 20 years ago, but it still is relevant today isn't it.