Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sunday funnies

One more tweet about the incident of Rob Ford vs The Bee: Today this happened: And here's a Queen of Canada that I can support! More stuff today about the Mar-A-Lago Liar-In-Chief: At Daily Kos, David Nir put together "The complete guide to every excuse Republicans have made for Trump's theft of classified documents"
Excuse: Everyone is corrupt except Trump—says Trump himself. 
Excuse: This warrant and raid business was uncalled for. Trump would have turned over everything had the government simply asked politely. 
Excuse: The FBI put it there! 
Excuse: This is all the fault of the Deep State FBI, headed up by ultra-liberal Christopher Wray.
Excuse: #Whatabout Obama? Obama did it, too. He did it worse, in fact. Also, he’s a secret Muslim. 
Excuse: LOL, like, the only thing that would justify this would be, I dunno, nuclear secrets. 
Excuse: They didn’t raid Trump quickly enough! 
Excuse: Trump declassified all of this stuff with the power of his OWN MIND. 
Excuse: Maybe it was aliens. 
Excuse: But her emails! 
Excuse: Oh, please, all you need is a smartphone to find the same nuclear secrets Trump took. 
Excuse: Trump only took a tiny bit of super-duper-classified stuff, and don’t worry about all the other documents. 
Excuse: They’re only investigating Trump because he might run for president again. 
Excuse: Trump was just trying to prevent World War III. 
Excuse: Trump installed an Autodeclassifierbot 3000™ at the threshold of the Oval Office. 
Excuse: Trump didn’t take those documents intentionally—the General Services Administration just stashed them in boxes that got moved to Mar-a-Lago when Trump exited D.C. 
Excuse: This has happened to you: Your landlord gives you three months’ notice that you’ve got to move out, but you just don’t really believe them. Every week they keep telling you until, at long last, you finally realize they mean it, so of course your departure turns into a haphazard mess.
Wednesday was a pretty light day in the excuses front - partly because that's the day Trump was taking the Fifth 443 times in a New York deposition so his followers obviously were supporting him in his silence by keeping quiet themselves, and also partly because of this: Some more comments on the excuses: It will get funnier as we watch some American media desperately try to "both sides" Trump's treason: But speaking of the "other side", Biden had an excellent week, didn't he: I want this t-shirt! Random funny stuff: Reminded me of this video, too

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Anonymous said...

The "Queen" and her subjects remind me of the Manson Family, only those were runaway teenaged girls from broken homes that Charlie exploited via drugs and sexual assault. What's the excuse of the "Queen's" followers?

mr perfect