Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Today's News: Shaking hands with the devil?

So Poilievre shook hands with a white supremacist and now he won't apologize. 
And the CPC wants Canada to think this guy and the juvenile sycophants surrounding him are PMO material? Singh knows how important it is for politicians to denounce violent extremists: Conservatives try to "whatabout" the Poilievre handshake. Another Con Fail! Another Nelson moment -- Trump apparently can't find a lawyer who is willing to take stuff to court for him, so he's doing stream-of-consciousness statements and sending them in himself. And Twitter is ON IT! Saul Goodman might be available now! 

Here's a great thread about Trump and Russia, from David Frum:
The Unroll is here. Ending tweets are pretty good: I think the GOP stampede to the exits is getting underway:

Moving on, its "squirrel!" time in Saskatchewan, to distract everybody from the Christian school abuse scandal 
They tried this on Sunday: and this was the response: So on Monday, we heard this: On Tuesday, I expect they'll announce that everybody gets a new car!!!!

Finally, what a story:


Anonymous said...

Hilarious that the Cons claim they don't know who comes to their little KKK rallies, they're known for checking to see who attends. Harper had individuals thrown out of his political rallies because they attended other parties' rallies, even at a provincial level Carmya Sad was refused entry to a Con event.
The growth in PP is amazing. From one of the Boys in Short Pants to a Proud Boy.

mr perfect

Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks for the comment - yes, they know very well who is attending and the signals they are sending.