Monday, August 15, 2022

Today's News: The battle for Kherson is heating up

Update from Ukraine: Sounds like Russia is crawling out of Kherson because they cannot continue to defend it or supply their troops: Markos has been predicting for weeks that all the Ukrainian talk about retaking Kherson has been designed to lure Russia into sending reinforcements to Kherson, who can ultimately be surrounded and captured as Ukraine destroys the bridges out of the area. Today Markos writes: 
Russia continues to flood forces into the Kherson area in response to Ukraine’s repeated declarations that it is just this close from launching its long-expected counter-offensive to retake its land. The whole situation continues to have the feel of a trap as Ukraine systematically eliminates ammunition depots and supply routes into the region. 
...Ukraine has also begun hitting the two bridges connecting Crimea with Kherson oblast. Cutting off Melitopol from the south will be critical to retaking that city. 
...Russia isn’t surrendering that territory without a fight, but … its generals may have lost their appetite for being on the wrong side of the Dnipro. 
Here's another comment summarizing Russia's overall battle weakness now: 
It’s been a while since we’ve discussed Russia’s inability to mass attacks, and it’s because they adopted, so some success, their “flatten everything with artillery then send some troops for ‘reconnaissance by fire’ to see if any defenses are left standing.” You don’t need to “combine” any “arms” to make that work. 
But as Russia pushes beyond its supply depots (with HIMARS compounding the problem), and its artillery becomes more exposed to Ukraine’s counter-battery fire, things are reverting to what we saw earlier in the war. And just like then, Russia’s inability to mass firepower into fewer lines of attack means they spread their combat power thin, helping defenses hold.
...Russia is exhausting itself to gain hundreds of meters in eastern Donbas... 
This, however, is NOT good news:
This training includes Canadian Forces: And here's some positive Ukraine stories: In April, international musician Winnipegger Keri-Lynn Wilson conceived and assembled the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra and they are now touring Europe and the US. Here's little Patron, the bomb-sniffing dog from Ukraine: A few more tweets about Trump: Some zingers from Captain Obvious: Moving on to Canada, here's an excellent article from the Tyee - well worth reading:

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