Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Today's News: "We have a lot to do"

This pretty well summarizes everything, doesn't it: Across the country, Canadians are worried about the breakdown in hospital services -- because too many health care workers keep on getting sick with Covid, at the same time as the system grapples with the cumulative effect of two years of delayed surgeries and neglected health conditions. 
Premiers seem to think that "privatization" will magically make more services available, and indeed it may prove to be sensible to create stand-alone clinics for some routine surgeries like joint replacements, if it actually frees up hospital beds for more complex cases - rather than just allowing hospitals to cut their staff budgets accordingly.  No provincial politician should ever think that "privatizing" will save money while making people happier with their health care.
This is how Ontario thinks it will solve hospital crowding: Here in Saskatchewan, ERs are in crisis, ambulances are delayed, and rural health care facilities are struggling: Here's a great idea: The website he created is here: Sk Service Disruptions Why Sask Health hasn't done this already, I don't know. 
And PS - Covid is not over! In other news, That Former Guy is blathering again: So I'm thinking its time to replay how incredibly happy Americans were when Biden was elected and Trump lost: This is why Biden will win again in 2024 too: Checking in on Ukraine, it appears that the long-awaited push to liberate Kherson may be underway, though Markos reports some discussion about whether today's battles represent a major push or not. 
Right now, as the morning advances in Ukraine, more battles do appear to be underway: Finally, this:

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