Thursday, August 11, 2022

Today's News: Taking the Fifth

Tuesday the Mar-A-Lago raid story was all the news. 
Thanks, Donnie, for killing the Mar-A-Lago raid story in just one day! The attempt to minimize or trivialize the Mar-a-Lago raid -- an attempt that seemed to have some plausibility last night - couldn't actually withstand the cold light of day today. So today the GOP moved to Plan Two and we got a parade of "the FBI planted evidence!" accusations -- an even less plausible scenario, because of course the implicit sub-text is that damning evidence can be found in the boxes of stuff the FBI took away. Funnier takes: I love the subtle "Dark Brandon" homage with the aviator sunglasses, too: Moving on to recent events in Alberta, it was recent news that the UPC caucus held an essay contest with the theme "Her Vision Inspires" to encourage young women to write something inspiring for other women - a laudable goal. 
But of course they screwed it up -- they gave the third place award to a "women as baby vessels" misogynistic piece of fluff. Now nobody in the caucus will admit to even judging the contest anymore, much less giving an award to this essay, and the winners webpage has disappeared: But I saw a tweet tonight that I'm sure had identified the one person that everyone in the entire UPC caucus will agree should be held responsible for the contest! One other bit of funny stuff tonight:

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