Saturday, August 13, 2022

Today's News: #TRE45ON is trending tonight

Here's some cartoons I saw today about the Mar-A-Lago raid -- the warrant and document lists are out, and its bad for Trump. 
Very bad.
Once again I expect there will be a determined effort on the part of GOP leadership to throw Trump overboard, but Fox News and MAGA will not permit it. The only possibility for change now is absolute electoral defeat of Republicans in 2022, 2024, 2026 and 2028 -- with gerrymandering and corruption all the way up to the SCOTUS, I don't know if it is still possible: They have now figured out the new line -- that Trump had "declassified" all the documents before he took them out of the White House so, by definition, he's good! Yeah, sure. Fox News and MAGA are trying SOOOOO hard to wave away the espionage crimes and the other Trump-world mobster news but they just can't do it. So MAGA now thinks it can intimidate by threats of violence: Disgusting. The violence isn't real to them, its just a video game:
In other news, Rob Ford swallowed a bee during a press conference today
He was OK -- luckily, he didn't have to try to find an open emergency room for treatment!
This is the mayor of Guelph! Moving on to the Conservative leadership race, the Con faithful are really pissed with this take from Andrew Coyne - it's excellent! Coyne writes: 
 ...Mr. Poilievre is not properly understood as an ideological phenomenon. There is no such thing as Poilievrism. 
...Whether or not Mr. Poilievre is personally an extremist, his campaign is aimed squarely at attracting support from extremists. His followers do not support him because of what he is for, or what he would do in government. They only know what, and who, he is against, and – perhaps even more important – who is against him.
... Poor judgment, moral recklessness, bottomless opportunism: These aren’t policy positions, something you can moderate or explain away or wriggle out of. They’re attributes. They stick. That is increasingly the dividing line in American politics – not left versus right, but character and judgment versus their opposites. 
The party that is about to elect Mr. Poilievre – the party that, with the help of hundreds of thousands of new recruits, he has done much to create – looks likely to entrench the same cleavage in Canada.

In Saskatoon news, this is an incredible story about an abusive church school, where for decades the children were beaten and the parents were told it was for their own good.

Reporter Zak Vescera writes: 
Many students said they and their parents felt powerless to stop it. 
The church gradually infiltrated every part of their lives, cutting them off from the outside world and beginning to control everything they did — the books they read, the TV they watched and the people they spoke to, they said. 
The consequence of leaving was total exile, which often meant losing contact with the only friends they had. Four students said the church even told their own family members to cut them off, and some did.
 ... After the story went public, Coy, who is now happily married and has two children, sent Cole a text. “They tried to tear us apart, and almost did,” it said. “But we got out. Bruised, battered and broken, but we did.” 

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