Thursday, August 18, 2022

Today's News: Night and day

I don't have a lot to talk about tonight, but I read a couple of articles today and I was struck by the contrast in these descriptions - the leadership Biden shows in dealing with Russia's war against Ukraine, compared to the ridiculous, childish ineptitude of Trump.
Here is Biden developing the complicated strategy of defending Ukraine without starting World War 3, as described by the Washington Post:
Using mounted maps on easels in front of the Resolute Desk, Milley showed Russian troop positions and the Ukrainian terrain they intended to conquer. It was a plan of staggering audacity, one that could pose a direct threat to NATO’s eastern flank, or even destroy the post-World War II security architecture of Europe.
...As he absorbed the briefing, Biden, who had taken office promising to keep the country out of new wars, was determined that Putin must either be deterred or confronted, and that the United States must not act alone. Yet NATO was far from unified on how to deal with Moscow, and U.S. credibility was weak. 
....Months later, Milley still carried in his briefcase note cards encapsulating the U.S. interests and strategic objectives discussed at the October briefing. He could recite them off the top of his head.
Problem: “How do you underwrite and enforce the rules-based international order” against a country with extraordinary nuclear capability, “without going to World War III?” 
No. 1: “Don’t have a kinetic conflict between the U.S. military and NATO with Russia.” 
No. 2: “Contain war inside the geographical boundaries of Ukraine.” 
No. 3: “Strengthen and maintain NATO unity.” 
No. 4: “Empower Ukraine and give them the means to fight.” 
Biden’s advisers were confident Ukraine would put up a fight. 
Compare Biden's articulate, thoughtful and courageous approach with how Trump acts, as described by David Roth:
By this point in our national relationship with Donald Trump, everyone who is not paid to pretend otherwise pretty much knows what he does and why. 
...[Trump] does everything he does for one reason, which is that he wants to do it at the moment it occurs to him to want it; that simple flash of want, which chirps out at periodic intervals like the sounds a smoke detector makes when its battery is dying, justifies anything that he takes or tries simply by virtue of its existence. ...raw spite and aimless resentment and relentless self-centered entitlement... 
Without Biden, Ukraine would have had no chance. It is terrible to contemplate.
Here's a ridiculous "take" on Biden's success:
Here's a little more fun: And in response to CBC pearl-clutching: They're back, baby!

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