Friday, August 26, 2022

Today's News: This you?

Its sorta hysterical, really. 
So yesterday Biden announced $10,000 student-loan forgiveness policies, which are a great thing that will help millions of people. 
And predictably, some Republicans went nuts about how irresponsible Biden was to just wipe out indebtedness with the stroke of a pen. 
And, also predictably, Twitter then started checking on whether any of those Republicans had also borrowed money and been forgiven for the loans. 
And, shore nuff, many had. They had  taken hundreds of thousands in Covid salary protection loans which were then also forgiven totally, including the interest. 
So "Republican" can now also be spelled h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e. Even the White House got into the act: Moving on, Lisa LaFlamme is STILL TRENDING on Twitter - because Canada still loves her and still hates CTV and corporations are getting into the act too: In other news, this couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy: Finally, here are a whole bunch of conspiracy theory charts for everyone's future reference because there are people who actually follow this stuff: And from the comments: At last, we come to this one: This is the only chart that is actually real -- follow along with this excellent summary by Sidney Blumenthal of the Trump coup attempt and the Jan 6 insurrection 
The insurrection was not the coup itself. It was staged as the coup was failing. The insurrection and the coup were distinct, but the insurrection emerged from the coup. 
It has been a common conceptual error to consider the insurrection alone to be the coup. 
The coup, however, was an elaborate plot developed over months to claim that the votes in the key swing states were fraudulent, for Mike Pence as the presiding officer of the joint session of the Congress to declare on that basis that the certification of the presidential election on the constitutionally mandated date could not be done, to force that day to pass into a twilight zone of irresolution, for House Republicans to hold the floor brandishing the endless claims of fraud, to move the decision to the safe harbor of the House of Representatives, voting by states, with a majority of 26 controlled by the Republican party, to deny both the popular vote and the electoral college vote to retain Trump in office, for protests to breakout at federal buildings, and for the president to invoke the Insurrection Act to impose law and order. 
 ...The coup was thwarted by the justice department’s rejection of Trump’s strong-arm tactics, the Pentagon’s denunciation of any hint of imposing martial law, the rebuff by state election officials to Trump’s claims of fraud, and, finally, Pence’s refusal to utter his scripted lines.

Finally, here's a funny one:

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