Saturday, August 06, 2022

Today's News: Fighting the good fight

This is true for us lefty Canadians too:
Being timid, defensive, and afraid is a losing strategy according to Anat Shenkar-Osario, president of ASO Communications, who runs weekly focus groups where she tests messaging strategies with potential voters. According to her, Democrats must rise up and fight if they want to win over surge and swing voters and energize their base. “Democrats need to go on offense, because people are hungry for a demonstration of leadership,” she told me, citing swing voters who are “attracted to decisiveness for its own sake, irrespective of the content of that decision.” 
She said this explains why they find Republicans appealing even as they consistently describe them to her team as “evil,” “snakes,” and a party that “doesn’t care about anybody but themselves.” Republicans appear to use their power to just get shit done and carry out their agenda, regardless if it’s popular.
 ....Shenkar-Osario’s message for Democrats is simple: “Stake your turf, go on offense, and say what you’re for always—that performs better in the field, and performs better with the masses. If your words don’t spread, it doesn’t work.” It’s time for Democrats to speak up and say the words.
Because if we don't speak out, we see the kind of MAGA trashing of Trudeau and that PEI restaurant will just get ignored or even accepted by Conservative politicians and their media: In other news - wow, this is big: Moving to the Ukraine Russia War, I thought this was a useful observation: Today I saw a tweet about Russians displaying the head of a Ukrainian soldier on a stick, in the Donbas. I can't post this picture, its too horrible. But I wonder if Russia actually thinks they can come back from this type of barbaric behaviour and just be accepted again as leaders in the world community of civilized nations?
The head on a stick also happened just as the Amnesty International report criticizing Ukraine was released - and what an incredibly bad call for Amnesty to make. 
Here's a tweet thread and a comment that I thought was worthwhile:' In an analysis of the AI report, journalist Thomas Engström calls the report "Travesty International" and says:
Only about day old, it is guaranteed to go down in history as a triumph – a triumph, that is, of Russian-sponsored whataboutism, Kremlin-fueled nihilism, and legal minds letting go of all moral responsibility. 
UN War Crimes Investigator Mark Garlasco tweets his personal opinion of the AI report:

Finally tonight, a palate cleanser:

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