Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Today's News: Updates from all over

Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act today -- and Biden is no dummy, unexpectedly handing Manchin the pen even though Schumer and Pelosi are right there too. In spite of how the Dems are hopeful that the 2022 elections will give Dems a larger Senate majority, there's always a chance that Manchin will again hold the balance of power so this could be a gesture that he will remember. I love the relationship between Biden and Obama: (I assume everyone is up on the memes for "Big Fucking Deal" and "Thanks Obama".) As with Trudeau, the American media also search for something, ANYTHING, to rag on Biden about. The New York Times is now entranced by Biden's sunglasses - maybe because they help him emit too much Dark Brandon energy? Who knows, but let's try to make it into a scandal somehow: And speaking of politicians, here's a statement from the mayor of Petterborough about the yahoos this weekend who wanted to arrest the police force: Some comments on the Canadian scene: 

The UPC in Alberta are hellbent on creating a provincial police force so they can get rid of the RCMP: And the sell job from Kenney and the UPC sounds like the way Britain was sold on Brexit. Of course, these are also the guys who think it would be just great if Alberta were its own country too: Meanwhile, we're finding out just how delicate are the Nova Scotia RCMP fee-fees, especially when their boss gets angry: Some longer and more thoughtful pieces today about the Lisa LaFlamme firing: And these are also some more good comments: And finally, this:


Anonymous said...

I like that poem and find it increasingly difficult to disturb the perfection of a blank page.


Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, I found it surprisingly moving - words to remember.
Somebody once said that poetry is a make-believe garden with a real toad.