Saturday, August 27, 2022

Today's News: CTV News is losing its soul

The very definition of a professional news organization is one that reports news without fear or favour. 
Over the years, news organizations have fired reporters, editors, anchors, editors, publishers, for good reasons and bad, pleasing or angering their audiences. But when a news organization also lets its own corporate actions compromise its objective news judgements, and then starts slanting its news stories to justify or cover up its own unethical behaviour, it has lost its soul. 
That began to happen to CTV News today. 
For the last two weeks, CTV and Bell Media has been embarrassed by the burgeoning corporate Going Grey movement, because corporations across Canada have been reflecting Canadian anger with CTV's unwarranted firing of Lisa LaFlamme. 
Today CTV News finally "covered" this story, but in a threatening way - they picked up a Canadian Press story which had found a "retail analyst" and a marketing professor to provide contrarian "takes" about how companies endorsing Going Grey really needed to watch their steps.  Then Bell Media outlets and CTV stations across the country dutifully "tweeted" the story out, one after the other.
The thuggery couldn't have been clearer - "nice little brand you got here. Be too bad if something were to happen to it" Behind the scenes, CTV News journalists across the country were profoundly angry. I'll bet today's news story was the final straw. It's not surprising that the next thing we heard was that Michael Melling, the CTV executive who has been blamed for firing Lisa LaFlamme, was suddently on leave -- "to spend more time with his family". More Lisa LaFlamme support: In other news the Trump Treason search affidavit was released today, with redactions. Lots of tweets about it but these ones struck me as interesting:
As the day has gone by, I'm seeing more tweets that are taking this much more seriously. People are putting it together: The Trump family is terrified. Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch: Ha ha Finally, today was International Dog Day so there were lots of great dog tweets:

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