Thursday, April 28, 2022

Today's News: Blundered by the Right


When I looked at today's news, I saw a lot of blundering today by conservatives - thus my 

But first, I want to do a Ukraine roundup. 
I thought this first tweet was very true and certainly something we all need to be aware of as 
the Ukraine Russia War continues: Tonight, Kos writes
The May 9 Victory Parade should prove an inflection point: does Vladimir Putin use the occasion to call for a mass mobilization to bolster the war effort, or will he keep pretending that it’s merely a “limited military operation” that remains splendidly on track, dooming the entire effort? 
Ukraine’s regular army and Territorial Defense Forces have bought time for those 300,000 reservists out west to train and get equipped. A couple more months, and they’ll be riding into battle in Polish T-72s, American and European armored personnel carriers, and lots of sweet, sweet, modern artillery.
 How will Russia respond, even as it attrits its existing forces on the daily? 
Observers are increasingly concerned that the longer the Ukraine Russia War goes on, the more 
difficult it will be to keep it contained. See this whole thread, but here's the beginning and 
end of it: But on the other hand, this:
 I thought this was a very interesting piece today:
And ain't this the truth? It was one of those days when every time you turn around, something else was happening. 
And mainly, it was conservatives blundering into something stupid. 
Case in point: Elon Musk 
Its going to be embarrassing to watch him blunder around as he tries to come up with some sort of justification to allow Trump on Twitter again. 
Musk seems to be far out of his depth when it comes to leading a social media company. He's 
never given it any thought, he doesn't consult with anyone, he doesn't know what he's doing, 
and he can't stop himself from saying something stupid.
Next, a Covid update. 
My husband and I got another booster last week, thank heavens and I am hoping our children will 
soon be eligible. It's something that we're just going to have to get frequently, I think, because the 
virus keeps evolving.
I am reading projections that human life expectancy will decline by up to 10 years because of the cumulative damage that Covid is causing in human societies around the world. 
And credit where credit is due -- to all those anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers around the world who devoted heart and soul to trashing the science, stalling vaccination campaigns and ridiculing mask mandates - they gave Covid time to evolve into a world-wide endemic illness that we cannot treat effectively. 
Maybe a year ago, humanity might have had a chance to vaccinate and mask our way out of Covid. 
But not anymore. Now, Covid will be killing and maiming people for years to come.
Thanks, you blundering assholes: Next, its the biker convoy I am now calling "Rolling Blunder" -- they're scheduled to arrive in Ottawa two days from now, and it sounds like they will be greeted by eggs: I see in Parliament, the Conservatives are frantically dredging up four-year-old smears against 
Trudeau -- a pathetic attempt to distract Canada from the Emergencies Act review, before we 
remember how ugly it was to watch the CPC pander to the FluTruxKlan. In other news, it turns out that April 27 is everyone's birthday! And the planets are aligning today, too - 
Earth, with Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter:


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