Friday, April 22, 2022

Today's News: Just a smile and a cup of coffee

What a great smile! Olena is an officer in Ukraine's 128th Mountain Assault Brigade – the Transcarpathian Legion. Photo is from this tweet.

There's a tweeter in Kyiv, Yaroslava Antipina, who posts every morning as she sips her coffee, and she calls this #warcoffee. She is now joined by dozens of people in countries around the world:  Putin is flexing again: Biden flexed back: And I see Russia has given up on defeating Mariupol: Regardless of how Putin frames it, Mariupol has actually defeated him. 
The Battle of Donbas isn't going very well for Russia either: Two major Russian buildings burned today - a chemical plant and an aerospace research facility. Odd, eh? Finally, Ukraine's bomb-sniffing dog is catching a quick nap:

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