Saturday, April 02, 2022

Today's News: "A new day is dawning"

In Rome, Pope Francis apologized this morning for the tragic history of residential schools -- the Canadian delegation including Saskatchewan archbishop Donald Bolen were able to smile together as they danced the round dance in St. Peter's Square. (AFP Getty photo)
The Doctrine of Discovery is described here - basically it is the doctrine invented 500 years ago that allowed European Christian monarchs to claim ownership of non-European lands. The Truth And Reconciliation reports are all posted here 

In other news today, the Russia Ukraine War continues -- here is a map showing what is happening: As Russia is forced back, some dreadful events are being revealed - videos and photos today show the bodies of civilians and Russian soldiers lying on the streets, ruined buildings, houses destroyed, dogs scavenging: At Balloon Juice, Adam Silverman writes about the pointless, deliberate destruction of Ukrainian grain stocks and blockaded ports to prevent grain shipments: 
My professional assessment is that this is an actual part of Putin’s strategy. Specifically, to cause a crippling rise in the price of grain and food prices leading to wider spread instability and famine. By doing so Putin increases the pressure on the US and our allies to pressure Ukraine to negotiate an end to the war before the Ukrainians have achieved a successful battlefield termination.
Finally, some April Foolery:

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