Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Today's News: Just a few things to talk about

Well, things are looking up. 
The horrible cold I have been battling for 2 weeks seems to be gone at last. 
 And after this month's cold and snow, our spring is springing! The pelicans are back! The Raptors are finally doing great and Canada is feeling it: Yeah, just call it sour grapes or whatever, but I do agree with this: The 76ers aren't taking it very well: In other news, today will go down in history as the day Twitter died: I think we can say goodbye to Twitter as we have known it for the last 15 months, since they turfed Trump and gave the rest of us a social media platform that actually policed its users' speech. It was nice while it lasted. An interesting thread from David Rothkopf: Maybe we'll all just have to switch to t-shirts: The Ukraine Russia War is at the two month mark. Here's a pretty good summary: I am no military expert, but I suspect we have not seen major battles lately because both Ukraine and Russia are organizing themselves for May, once General Mud stands down. And I think Ukraine needs to require evacuation of some of its eastern villages - it is a diversion of Ukraine resources to be trying to protect civilians at the same time as people are needed to fight the war.

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