Saturday, April 23, 2022

Today's News: We will win this war or we will get another

Here is Andriy Khlyvnyuk of the Ukrainian band BoomBox singing in Kyiv.
And here are other beautiful versions too: And this: Here's a very perceptive article from Mark Summer about the importance of the Ukraine Russia War for all of us: 
...with every day that goes by, the importance of what’s happening in Ukraine and the scope of what’s at stake seem to increase.... 
Every day, as Russia pushes in more forces, and the West responds by abandoning any pretense when it comes to providing Ukraine with the weaponry to fight back, the do-or-die nature of this conflict becomes more the United States and every other western nation, two months into this conflict, is that if this isn’t enough to stop Putin, we will have to do it ourselves. We win this war, or we will get another.
... there’s almost no end to the things Russia is doing wrong... The only tactic they have been able to engage that has been by any definition successful is that they have committed war crimes at a scale and pace not seen since World War II. 
Russia doesn’t have the ability to engage successfully with a peer military. It does have the ability to bomb the shit out of children, hospitals, and blind grandmothers. It has the ability to slaughter whole civilian populations and toss them into enormous mass graves. Russia can’t execute intelligent tactics to win battles in the field, but it’s perfectly capable of grinding forward with dumb tactics that pulverize cities and lives. 
Unless, of course, someone makes them stop. Which is where we are now. To really win this thing, Ukraine can’t fight the Russian army to a draw or force them to halt their advance. Ukraine has to destroy the Russian army in a way that keeps it from committing mass murder of civilians, not just right now, but for a long time to come. That is a very big task.
Russia is now walking back its claims of total conquest and pretending it only wanted southern Ukraine all along. 
But if Ukraine gets the arms it needs, and if they have enough soldiers, then maybe they can succeed in pushing Russia back to its own borders. 
Oh, I hope they can. 
Because now Russia is taking aim at Moldova and likely, after that, Romania.
Meanwhile in Mariupol, Putin is announcing Victory! Yeah, sure: Here's the reality, in Mariupol and the Donbas now: Here is a problem for military airplanes that had never occurred to me before - mice: Here's Russia's most recent stupid smear campaign, this time against Zelenskyy. I suspect we'll see this popping up on Fox News any day now:
And here's some good news today
In other news, Twitter thought this was pretty funny, too: And today was Earth Day:

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