Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Today's News: Riding madly off in all directions

Another #FluKlan Convoy is planning to roar into Ottawa this weekend - bikers this time - and I hope it's not going to turn into another clusterfuck. 
But Ottawa people are simply furious -- though police have announced that no vehicles will be permitted in the Parliament Hill area and that extra police will be arriving to help, Ottawa people just don't believe them.  And nobody can figure out why they're doing this anyway - like, what's the point?
Here's a crazy Evan Soloman interview with this guy: I hope Ottawa police are aware that the people of Ottawa want justice this time, and they no longer trust the police to handle these people: I wonder if Ottawa is expecting a second Battle of Billings Bridge? And I expect Ottawa people also noticed the egging of the trucker convoy in California: Turning to events in Ukraine, I think we're seeing Russia "riding madly off in all directions" again. (By the way, the phrase is from humourist Stephen Leacock, if you're not familiar with it.)
And so much for the order and focus that the new Russian general was supposed to bring to chaos. This morning, Kos wrote
...remember when Russia was going to learn from their early failures, and concentrate their efforts in a single axis to conquer the entire Donbas region in a massive offensive? 
Seems like just yesterday! 
Right now, Russia is attempting to advance toward: 
  • Mykolaiv 
  • Kryvyi 
  • Rih 
  • Zaprozhzhia 
  • Sievierodonetsk 
  • Slovyansk/Kramatorsk 
  • South, east, west, and northwest of Izyum (seriously) 
  • Pushing out from Donetsk 
  • Mariupol 
Russia never learns. Russia will never learn. And sure, they grind out a kilometer here or there, but their losses are unsustainable. 
Ukraine can well afford to give up land for blood, as their reserves (300,000 strong) continue to train and equip out west, and entire new armor, infantry, and artillery battalions are formed with all the great gear streaming in from the West. 

Today's update: It wouldn't surprise me if Ukraine is wanting to take the war to Russia now, either through direct strikes or by sabotage: Russia really thinks democracy is meaningless, just a show, don't they? And this is interesting -- Snake Island, near Odessa, is the place that told the Russian warship Moskva "go fuck yourself" before it was occupied on the first day of the invasion. Now, Ukraine is able to fight back:

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