Friday, September 09, 2022

A Long Covid Compendium

Long Covid is now pretty close to the top of my List Of Diseases I Never Want To Get. For the past several weeks I have been collecting Long Covid news so I thought I should post this today.
Even Queen Elizabeth II may have had it.

This is why masks matter:


John B. said...

I guess there's no possibility that the vaccination is causing some of this. Wait a minute. That's heresy. It must be. Nobody's got the science anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Cathie. The queen's sudden death is consistent with a massive heart attack or stroke. As the tweets above indicate, heart attacks and strokes are more common among people with long Covid, and the queen had Covid in February this year.

I think she died suddenly at Balmoral several hours before it was announced. They announced that she was under medical care while the princes made their way to Scotland. Later, the public was told that she died comfortably in the presence of loved ones. It's hard to believe she was meeting with Liz Truss and then three days later her family was gathered to be with her as she died. There were no interim reports that she was being treated. The royals are so stage-managed and this reeks of a cooked-up ending.


Cathie from Canada said...

Sorry John, but millions and millions of people around the world have now been vaccinated against Covid, like me and my family. And, for the most part, us vaccinated people have been protected from it - not completely, but mostly. There does not seem to be any way yet to predict Long Covid - most don't get it, but a few do, even if the Covid case was a mild one, and it can be so devastating. That's why I still wear a mask when I am in a store or where ever.

Yes, Cap - I had also wondered if she had already died in the night (stroke? heart attack?) before they started gathering the family and making the announcements. It seemed odd that she would be deathly ill yet not have been transported to a hospital. Maybe we will find out more eventually.

John B. said...

No need to be sorry. I just have difficulty reaching absolute conclusions. Recently, my doctor introduced a twenty-five minute conversation on the question that reinforced my doubting attitude when I asked for his recommendation on a second booster.

Cathie from Canada said...

It surprises me that any doctor would discourage boosters.
In my family, we have all had as many Covid boosters as the Canadian and provincial public health policies recommend.
My second booster was last April, and I expect we will be getting Covid boosters at least once a year from now on, just like we get annual flu shots.

John B. said...

He didn't discourage taking the booster. He provided me with information that enabled me to make an informed decision. It could be that licences are no longer under threat.