Sunday, September 11, 2022

Today's News: Slava Ukraini

Such wonderful news today from Ukraine - coming so fast now its hard to keep up: Some great photos of the Ukraine fighting forces, too: In Canadian news, Pierre Poilievre won the Conservative leadership today - to no one's surprise. 
Evan Scrimshaw has a great column tonight - Canada Reset: Poilievre Wins, What Next? that is well worth reading -- here are some excerpts:
 ...Obviously this entire column could just be mocking Tasha and Lilley and all the other clowns who thought this would be close or that Charest had a lane, but that’s boring and frankly not really worth a whole column (at least, not tonight). 
What is worth it is whether or not Pierre Poilievre can win the next general election, because that actually matters, unlike pundit accountability. Do I think Poilievre is the favourite to win the next election? No, God no, and I think that a lot (not all, but a lot) of the people now claiming he is now a favourite were the people who thought Charest and/or Brown had a lane, so it’s clear that a lot of the Poilievre hype and Liberal panic is people who don’t understand Poilievre’s appeal misreading it initially and then overextrapolating it because they’re dumbasses who don’t know shit from a hole in the ground. 
 ...The problems for Poilievre are as numerous as they are deep ... 
 ... Scrimshaw’s Paradox...holds that “Any leader who gets through the membership cannot win a general election.” Right now, I see no reason to amend this. 
Poilievre ran an extremely good leadership campaign, but one that forced him into stances that will hurt him in the General Election. 
The PPC fucks him if he pivots, as Scheer and O’Toole did, and he’s a career politician pretending to be an outsider. Being able to beat Jean fucking Charest does not a good national politician make, and Justin Trudeau has been consistently underestimated. 
The Liberals are clear favourites to win the next election, and tonight changes fucking nothing, because this has been obvious the whole the time. 

In other news, here are a few tweets about today's Royal news:
(And I looked up the dates - Churchill was elected as an MP in 1900, a year before Victoria died. Then he was in government under Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI, and Elizabeth II) 
Finally, here is an amazing thread story about Charles III -- I think the Commonwealth is in good hands with such a thoughtful, respectful and humble man:

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