Saturday, September 24, 2022

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Well, the great Roger Federer played his last match today - it wasn't "one for the ages" but it was pretty nice, a doubles with Nadal at the Laver Cup in London. 
I didn't get into watching tennis until just a few years ago, when we got a big-screen TV and then our son explained to me how the game was scored - the score is what dictates a lot of the player strategy.
Anyway, I really enjoy tennis now and particularly watching the GOATs like Serena and Federer: Here's a terrific essay about what tennis can mean to a fan - it includes a video summary of the 2017 Aussie Open final, likely one of the greatest tennis matches ever played, when Federer and Nadal fought it out for 5 incredible sets. Some funny tweets: People are tweeting about Trump's "declassification just by thinking about it" assertion: And isn't this hilarious?

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