Friday, September 16, 2022

Today's News: A mind is a terrible thing to lose

Britain appears to have lost its mind over the death of a 96-year-old woman  Even Cyril the Swan is paying respect:
At Slate, London writer Imogen West-Knights writes
Since the queen died last Thursday, the country has ground to a halt. 
The queen is dead for breakfast, the queen is dead for lunch, and you’ll want to leave room for a nice hearty portion of the queen is dead for dinner, too. People are still going to work, sure, but there is no press except press about the queen being dead. 
Every business in the country—from chicken shops to pork jerky brads, chemists to cobblers—have felt the need to issue a public statement of grief about the queen dying. Supermarkets have turned down the beeps on their self-checkout machines to mark their depth of feeling for the queen. Our weather forecaster, the Met Office, has cut back the number of weather reports it is issuing “as a mark of respect during this time of national mourning.” An amusement park company, Center Parcs, announced its intention to kick all vacationers staying in their parks out for one day, the queen’s funeral, before realizing just how deranged that would be and making a U-turn. 
But there is also something more sinister brewing here. Hospital appointments on the day of the queen’s funeral are cancelled. Food banks are closed. Normal people’s funerals are also cancelled. 
On the day the queen died, Liz Truss, our new prime minister, quietly lifted the ban on fracking in this country and also announced a plan to relieve Britons of crippling energy bills this winter without explaining where that money is going to come from. 
I’m not suggesting that anybody offed the queen early for political expediency, but parliament will now be closed for a month: again, to respect the dead queen.
This could hardly come at a worse time for the country. 
And they have gone crazy about Harry and Meghan too. 
First, there is "hand-holding - Gate" -- some ceremony for the Queen where Meghan held Harry's hand and somehow this was the worst breach of protocol since the Spanish Armada. Then Harry went walk-about with the other Royals and wasn't allowed to wear his military uniform for no reason I can understand. The optics were simply awful - he served 10 years in the military and there he was surrounded by all the other costumed Royals, several of whom had never served a day. Now there's going to be a reception on Sunday for all of the world leaders who are showing up for the funeral, and the announcement made it absolutely crystal that Harry and Meghan had been invited: 
If you are wondering, why in the world Britain seems to love to hate Meghan, its because their crazy tabloids have been telling them for years that every single thing Meghan ever did was, somehow, wrong. Laura Kuenssberg Translator writes:
What we did in the media is play this cool game where everything Meghan does is bad, no matter what she decides. If she holds Harry's hand, she's being inappropriate. If she doesn't hold his hand, she doesn't love him and only wants him for his money. If she comes to the funeral, she's intruding. If she stays at home, she's insulting the queen. You see how this works? 
Literally every decision Meghan makes is a bad one, so when we're asked why we hate her, we can list all those bad things because we've set her up to fail. 
And the truly unforgiveable thing she did, of course, was to leave Britain and move to California. 
If there ever was a time when Harry wondered about whether leaving Britain was the right thing, the hateful burst of irrational negativity he is seeing now will convince him never to return.
Also, this was just excellent:

  Moving back to this side of the pond, if you're seeing a bunch of tweets that start "I am a ... and Trudeau calls me an extremist", its actually just the latest flying monkey Con grift. Its a scam: It makes me sad to see so many Canadians get sucked into this kind of tripe. 

 Moving on, here are some more tweets about the "Akin Incident": This thread is worth following: I think the bloom is off the Poilievre rose already, as far as the media are concerned, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. 
Now he's apparently getting flack from his Convoy buddies about moving into Stornoway: For anyone who doesn't remember back to 2005, click here for the Dingwall "entitled to my entitlements" scandal
In other news, I hope the needless and gratuitous cruelty of the Republican stunt to transport a bunch of innocent immigrants to Martha's Vineyard will now backfire on them completely: "Defund DHS" should be a thing now: DeSantis thought this stunt would bring him national attention. He will regret that it did: People are having hilarious reactions to the "black mermaid" uproar. I guess in MAGA world, imaginary beings like mermaids are only supposed to be white: This thread is also hilarious:


Anonymous said...

Re David Akin and Charles Adler. It's always fun to watch conservative journalists have their Jennifer Rubin or David Frum moment, when they realize that the monster they helped create is coming for them and looks a lot like the one that roamed Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. I wonder if Canada will see its own Lincoln Project, where movement conservatives look to take down the fascists.


Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, I think Charles Adler is already starting to fulfill that role.
The reaction to Akin's experience was telling, I thought - particularly after he apologized for swearing, it turned the story back to Poilievre. And if Akin really had been a "liberal hack" the media still wouldn't have blinked. But because he is not, it was such an over-the-top reaction from Poilievre that I hope it opened a few eyes.