Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Today's News: "But I never thought leopards would eat MY face!"

The original tweet, from 2015: It has mostly been used for Brexit and for Trump -- when the people who voted for Brexit and for Trump because they wanted to "own the libs" later found that they themselves were badly treated by the policies that they thought would only hurt the libs. And now Pierre Poilievre has finally joined the leopard club: Dean from Winnipeg gets the last word: In Ukraine, maybe Putin is maybe preparing to just declare victory and leave? We can always hope: The "mobilization" that Putin announced is turning into a joke - the new troops aren't even getting a single day of training, and apparently they're expected to bring their own medical kit with bandages. 
They will be slaughtered unless they just surrender - which is what Zelenskyy is urging them to do. In other news today: Who could have known?

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