Sunday, September 25, 2022

If you thought Covid was "over", think again

Seen in a tweet!

What I cannot understand is why so many people think Covid is "over", though thousands are still getting it and dying from it around the world. 
We have our next booster booked now - scheduled for early October, it will be our Moderna bivalent shot and I hope it will last us until spring, when we will likely need another booster. 
I know everybody is tired of Covid now - I certainly am. We're all sick to death of it, so to speak. 
I still mourn for the Before Times - life the way we lived it before March 2020. 
But the world isn't about my delicate fee-fees. The Now Times are about staying alive and healthy, and keeping our family alive and well too, and to that extent I can even appreciate renewing my focus on what is really important and letting trivialities slip away.
Maybe someday we will be able to talk about the After Times. But in the meantime we will just keep on masking and getting boosters until the world is vaccinated and they figure out how to treat Long Covid. 
I have been collecting a few interesting Covid tweets over the last few weeks: Long Covid appears to be one of the worst things that can happen, and nobody knows yet why some get it and others do not. Repeated infections appear to be problematic: And as the cases work their way through the legal system, the anti-vaxxers are finding out that yes indeed, a government CAN protect the health of everyone by telling people what to do. 
I notice the hashtag #Freedumbers is trending this morning, along with #CovidIsntOver.

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