Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Today's News: Sorting it out

I was trying to sort out the David Akin vs Pierre Poilievre contretemps yesterday and I couldn't figure out what happened or who did what.
I should just have waited for Dale Smith's column today:
...the federal government has announced their assistance package for low-income people dealing the effects of high inflation, and Poilievre calls a press conference to react. And the spectacle begins. 
David Akin, one of the reporters present, takes offence that Poilievre insists he won’t take questions (and he hasn’t since he was made leader), and starts shouting questions at him. 
And what does Poilievre do? Call Akin a “Liberal heckler” (because the pool camera can’t see Akin as he’s behind it), and a few hours later, sends out a fundraising appeal to his base that plays victim, that the media is out to get him, and that they’re all protecting Trudeau, and that you need to send him money to take on both Trudeau and the media. 
It’s gross, it undermines institutions, it undermines democracy, but he doesn’t care. It’s his game. And most of the media in this country have no idea how to react to it, and it’s going to be a real problem going forward. 
Here's the background: Also, Smith's "hermit crab" analogy is great here:
On a side note, the Royals are having their challenges these days: Finally, yesterday I saw this tweet and the comments and suggestions that followed: So now I have put together a new Twitter List that I call "Tweet Masters" so I won't lose track of the best tweeters on the Internet. You can follow this list if you want:


Anonymous said...

With the 44 million pounds the British taxpayer sends him each year, you'd think Charles would be able to afford a decent fountain pen. My Lamy 2000 costs $150, doesn't leak and writes superbly.

Of course, his nibs may want something a little more up-market, but even the Sharpies favoured by Trump are more reliable than the junk on Chuck's desk. Get the man something before he has a heart attack and we have to suffer through another endless royal funeral.


Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks, Cap - your $150 pen seems pretty "upmarket" to me!

Anonymous said...

David Akin a Liberal? A ha ha ha! Poilievre strikes again with wit and awareness. What Akin is not is a Poilievre Con, the strange kind of humanoid replete with mindless oafishness which characterizes the latest vacuum-between-the-ears stumblebums who stalk the land like unthinking drones.

Why Akin apologized, I cannot imagine.