Friday, September 02, 2022

Today's News: Dark Brandon rises

At first I wasn't sure whether Biden's speech tonight was a good idea. But seeing the speech and now the reaction to it, I am feeling a very positive vibe. 
Since the chaos of Jan 6, 2021, I think Americans have worried about what is happening to America. With Biden's recent successes and rising popularity, he finally had the platform and credibility to identify the MAGA Republicans, to shame them as fascists, and to challenge Democrats to rise up in defense of their country. I don't think the MAGA Republicans really knew much about Dark Brandon until tonight's speech. I am not sure whether America, and particularly the US media, are up to the challenge: Biden's speech is also timely because in general I think people have now had enough of the fascists and MAGA Republicans, and want to push back on the crazy: There are the same worries here in Saskatchewan:

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