Thursday, September 15, 2022

Today's News: True Colours

Day Four of Poilievre's leadership and his true colours are already showing: Even when Poilievre and the Conservatives do try to sort-of apologize, its just so stupid that its unbelievable. 
First, the stupid: Next, the unbelievable: After yesterday's tut-tutting at David Akin's "unseemly interruption" of a Poilievre press conference, Canadian media have now realized whose side they really should be on. Even the Conservative "back-room" boys are worried about this guy: Turning to other news today, the Republicans in America are revealing their True Colours as well.
Abbot in Texas and DeSantis in Florida seem to think they're proving some kind of "own the libs" point by sending immigrants north. Actually, they are just showing themselves to be disgusting people. And today we also found out that in Mississippi, its apparently quite OK to take millions from poor people and give it to millionaire quarterbacks as long as the media doesn't find out about it: In other news, Ukraine is winning this war! Canadian agriculture is taking advantage of a good growing season and stepping up to the plate: Moving on, we're following the new Lord of the Rings pre-quel. 
The story-lines and the scripts aren't impressive so far, but the acting is good -- if anything will save this series, it will be the actors they have cast. Some of the actors are not-White and so racists are losing their tiny minds: This, from John Cole: And finally, just for Cap, here's a tweet that relates to his comment for my last post about pens:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the last tweet, Cathie. Davies is partly right, you need to spend a lot of money on a pen. πŸ˜€But if you do, you can't go scratching out your fine thoughts in cheap notebooks. Fountain pen ink bleeds on cheap paper and becomes hard to read. So, you need to go big or go home on notebooks too. None of that Hilroy crap - Clairefontaine, Rhodia, and Tomoe River are where it's at. Then, even if what you've written is no good, at least it'll look good.


Cathie from Canada said...

Glad you saw it, Cap!
And thanks for the notebook recommendations, too.