Monday, September 19, 2022

Today's News: Ratioed

To begin, I need to give a definition of "ratioed" - Merriam-Webster defines it as "A quantitative measure of how little they like your take." 
A tweet is "ratioed" when only a few people "Like" it or "Re-Tweet" it, compared to the large number of people who are hitting "Reply" to say something negative about it:
This week, we saw two painfully ignorant Ratio examples, both related to the Queen's funeral and Canada's attendance there-at. 

First, a tweet from the Globe and Mail - 300 likes vs 1,900 replies:
The response was immediate and incredulous. I thought this was a funny one: And this one:
People were also annoyed to see the Globe and Mail refer to PMJT as just "Mr. Trudeau" when they should have been calling him Prime Minister Trudeau -- the funeral isn't a campaign event, he is attending in his official capacity as Prime Minister. 
But mainly, the thousands of Canadians replying to this tweet were annoyed with the needless, gratuitous and mean-spirited sniping at PMJT.

Second, a tweet from the Washington Post - 890 likes vs 2,500 replies: The responses to this tweet can be summed up as:  what an ignorant twerp! Seeing these responses, McCullough doubles down - just keep on digging, JJ! McCullough's point seems to be that he is upset on America's behalf about the apparent dissing of Trump - when actually, of course, all of the non-Commonwealth countries in the world sent only their present leadership to the funeral. And outside of America, the world spends very little time ever thinking about Trump at all.  
But, like Trump himself, McCullough seems to have his opinions and can't be bothered with facts to the contrary - nor with doing research before blasting out a tweet:
Tamara gets the last word on both these sub-standard efforts: Moving on, the Trump rally this weekend was even more weird than usual: Its also very strange that the Trump people keep downplaying or denying the QAnon connection -- "nothing to see here, move along, move along". It really reminds me of the plausible deniability in Trump's "stand back and stand by" and "it will be wild" messages before the Jan 6 insurrection.


Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem with the Globe's tweet. It's obviously meant to point out the fairness and equality of our constitutional monarchy, where both pauper and statesman pay their respects to Britain's most famous oligarch. 😉

And the people giving J.J. McCullough lessons on Canada's relation to the Crown are wasting their time - McCullough's Canadian, he already knows. It is sad though when once reputable institutions resort to click-bait to boost revenues.


Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks, Cap!