Friday, June 03, 2022

Today's News: Ford takes it

Ontario voters sent a message tonight, and the message was: Meh! We're good. The big news in the US today continues to be whether they can get Republicans onside in the national goal of stopping mass shooters. 
Americans may finally have reached their gag limit on guns 
Maybe this time:
Or maybe not: We'll see how the Rays react to DeSantis' blatant thuggery. 

 I thought Biden's speech was really good:
 "Enough, enough. It’s time for each of us to do our part,” he told Americans. “For the children we’ve lost. For the children we can save. For the nation we love.” “Let’s hear the call and the cry,” he said, almost pleading with his fellow politicians in Washington. “Let’s meet the moment. Let us finally do something.” 
Here's some related cartoons and sardonic tweets: 

Here's some perspective: And Covid isn't done with us yet: Moving to Ukraine, it is possible that Uraine is starting to turn things around in the Donbas. Mark Sumner writes: 
A funny thing happened on the way to Russia’s capture of Severodonetsk. 
After reports from Ukrainian officials that Russia held about 80% of the city, and a full week after Chechen forces claimed to have taken the whole city (which never happened), Ukraine now appears to hold more of Severodonetsk than it did on Wednesday. 
 Some statements are now going as far as saying that Severodonetsk was a trap to lure in Russian soldiers. 
There are now claims that Ukrainian troops haven’t just held on to their corner of the city, but have spread out, taken prisoners, and are prepared to expel the remaining Russian forces from the city. Which, if true, is just … wow.
Over at Balloon Juice, Adam Silverman writes his daily Ukraine report that the Ukraine soldiers are needing some help to continue holding on:
They’re mounting an amazing defense under difficult circumstances. But everything is also not sunshine, roses, puppies, kittens, and ice cream sundaes. The Ukrainians need a lot of basic soldier stuff – small arms, ammunition, helmets, body armor, socks, med kits, radios, night vision gear, scopes, suppressors for their rifles and carbines, light trucks, etc – and they’re trying to crowd fund and crowd source it!

Some random tweets:
The article at this link is hilarious:

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