Monday, June 20, 2022

Today's News: About authoritarianism

Over the last several days, I have seen a number of tweets and comments about authoritarianism as people try to understand what happened with everything from Jan 6 Insurrection to the FluTruxKlan, and what's coming up. 
Here's a roundup - 

First, Lindsay Graham has said some remarkably stupid stuff over the years, but this one takes the cake: Moving on to our very own Canadian authoritarian wanna-be, I think Poilievre's war room has finally figured out what his message should be -- keep saying "freedom" over and over, whether it makes any sense or not: And I finally figured out last night what Poilievre and the Conservatives mean when they talk about "freedom" and how they "want Canada to be free." 
They mean, free to be assholes. 
Free to cheat, abuse and disadvantage lesser Canadians - like women, indigenous people, immigrants, poor people, old people, and so forth -- without being prevented or constrained by laws, civil rights, union contracts, health and safety requirements, professional standards, ethical principles, and all the other Canadian social advancements of the last century which improve everyone's quality of life. The FluTruxKlan also think that "freedom" means free to be assholes: Some interesting comments reminding Canadian media that their demand for retroactive justification of the Emergencies Act doesn't acknowledge the destructive failure of police across the country. On a different topic - though related I know - here's some recent Covid news: 
If we can't figure out how to heal Long Covid, we're fucked. 
The world has decided Covid is "over" when actually its not. 
And now everybody is just totally mystified about why so many things aren't working right -- the hospitals are a nightmare and the planes are late and the airports are a mess and the supply chains are screwed up and companies are greedily grabbing profits while they can and there aren't enough parts to build stuff and factories don't get cleaned the so food gets recalled and on and on. 
Its Covid, Jake:
And hey, here's a tweet that brings me full circle from my authoritarian introduction tonight: Finally, on a lighter note:


Anonymous said...

"The world has decided Covid is 'over' when actually its not. And now everybody is just totally mystified about why so many things aren't working right" - THIS! 100x THIS!


Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks Cap - I fear we are in for a difficult summer and fall due to Covid too.