Friday, June 10, 2022

Today's News: Carnage. Chaos. Criminal.

Wow, did you see this tonight? It was an inexcuseably long time coming - 17 months! -  but Trump is finally being called out directly and in detail, for fomenting insurrection on Jan 6 2021. Some key moments in tonight's hearing: I've said it before and I'll say it again: Antifa performed an outstanding service to America that day by NOT showing up. 
Instead of violence in the streets, which would have justified a declaration of martial law and shutting down the certification, America saw the attempt to overthrow their government, and their shock gave Congress and Pence the fortitude to finish certifying Biden's victory. 
And that brings me to these funny side notes: FluTruxKlan update:
Finally, what was suspected back in early February is being confirmed - Russia was engineering support for the trucker convoy because they were trying to get rid of Trudeau and Freeland before they invaded Ukraine. What a difference it would have made if they had succeeded. And this too: Ottawa is now debating whether the Emergencies Act was really necessary, really...

Portapique massacre commission update: 
It is sounding now to me like the Mass Casualty Commission has already determined its conclusions and is telegraphing its findings based on the witnesses they are hearing from. The narrative seems to be that the RCMP officers were understandably confused by the fog of war, but they were not incompetent, not really. And they were trying to use too many social media platforms but they were not ineptly used, not really. 
Both conclusions are wrong. 
If the foremost aim of this inquiry is indeed to piece together how and why a killer was permitted to terrorize an entire province for 13 hours, then it should operate from a position that puts disclosure and transparency first, that includes all information by default, and that thoroughly questions all involved individuals. But if, instead, the mission is to offer a perfunctory vehicle for comfortable questioning that tries to preserve the dignity of the RCMP during proceedings that the government never wanted in the first place – well, that mission is well on its way to completion. 
During the hours and hours this shooting spree went on, RCMP management and communications staff allowed excessive worry about a theoretical risk to officers (that rural yahoos would shoot at real cops if they were told about the fake police cruiser) to overshadow the actual danger that the shooter was posing to an unwarned public. Also, they hadn't bothered to develop a basic procedure to issue simple, plain Shelter In Place alerts, nor had they tried to educate themselves about the variety of social media platforms available:
Ukraine update:
Cholera reported in Mariupol:
Finally, some random commentary on the passing scene: 
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