Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Today's News: Lest We Forget

Follow this tweet thread for some sad photos of the brave Canadian boys who lost their lives fighting in D-Day 78 years ago. They were all so young: Some D-Day anecdotes: Here's a fascinating map -- it was just 11 months from D-Day to Victory in Europe Day: And now some side notes: 

As I was searching for Canadian D-Day tweets, I kept tripping over irrelevant tweets that used D-Day to bash Trudeau - apparently some people carefully searched through all Trudeau tweets to find whether he had paid sufficient tribute to D-Day and then they concluded that he hadn't and was therefore History's Greatest Monster - it was obsessive and weird. 
So I appreciated this reaction to another Trudeau-bashing story from the National Post: Speaking of monsters... More crazy stuff: And we all need our own Hundred Acre Wood, don't we:

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